Moment of Conception

Days after the 2012 Winter Solstice…

“I figured it out!” Aaron replies with glee. “All that I have to do is change the words in her emails. If I change all of the ‘you’ statements into ‘I’ statements, it totally reveals what she is actually saying! Check it out.”

I groggily walk over to the computer. Bending over, I look at the screen. I read Tempest’s original email which is displayed in front of me:

“I’M CALLING YOU OUT!!! I think you have entities controlling you and you have your head up your ass.”

Aaron has cut and pasted her original email into the reply box and changed all of her you’s into me, myself, or I where appropriate; the changes he has placed in bold. The altered email now reads:

“I’M CALLING MYSELF OUT!!! I think I have entities controlling me and I have my head up my ass.”

I laugh out loud; I can only imagine Tempest owning her words like that. I’m not sure what sending this to her will do, but I have to admit, I’m curious. I figure we don’t have much to lose, it’s worth a try.

Aaron sends Tempest the altered email and just like that the windstorm ends. Stillness once again falls upon the land. It’s as if somewhere within her words held the key to calming her down, her winds dissolved when she blew them back on herself. It was like two opposing sign curves colliding with each other, the peak of one curve balancing out the trough of the opposing curve resulting in a flat line…balance. Wow, this is quite the tool!

-by Sarah (from “I’m Calling Myself Out!”)


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