Tantra in the western culture is usually associated with sex because Tantra accepts taboos such as sex and the human body as pathways to divinity.  Testing the belief that sex and the human body can lead to divine states of ecstasy proves true again and again. So what about language? Can playing with language – creating new meanings – be used to help guide one to the acceptance of all and pure states of ecstasy? Absolutely. That is why Language Yoga is like Tantra, because yoga on language opens you to the embodiment of unity consciousness and the acceptance of all things.

Language Yoga allows me to clear my mind of judgmental thinking, past and future worries, fear of death, and most cases of petty drama and concern. This clarity of the restless fluctuations of my citta mindfield leads me to have much more time for my practice, breath work, and being in my heart. Now the real fruits of my tantra yoga practice begin to ripen.

A meditation practice to experience the divine essence of unity consciousness begins as I bring consciousness to my heart. As I mindfully keep my presence there at my heart center, my breathing starts to shift and becomes deeper and more relaxed. My body also starts to release tension. At some point my inner voice pipes up and I reassure myself that everything is all me and my place now is resting in my heart. In my heart I then feel the connection of everything, my aura filling the entire universe. It’s a process of remembering by training myself through repetition and consistency… and patience.

– Aaron kali_sm





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