Backstory to Mantra Formation – Savitri

I recently attended the Sri Aurobindo / Savitri yoga immersion. Savitri is a poem written in English by Sri Aurobindo and he says that the poem is all a mantra, meaning the ways the sounds are aligned in the arrangements of words are meant to strike a resonant chord of enlightenment with both the reader and the listeners, or something like that. While at the immersion, the main man, Rod Hemsell, was reading the poem out loud to me and the other folks there and I naturally started translating the externalizations into I language in my head thus owning every aspect of the poem and creating a brand new I language mantra based on the original words of the poem. The Mantra Formation post is an extension of what happened at the yoga immersion, showing myself that I can find my self in all instances, from everything to nothing. Interesting to note, in my moments of translating the poem read by Rod, I felt great bursts of energy flowing through me. As my trance continued, I faced Sri Aurobindo himself in the catacombs of the solar dome. I looked at Sri A. as Rod continued to hurl line after line of the poem at me. All the translations boiled down to the core mantra, I am I. In my vision I yelled “I am I” at Sri Aurobindo. At that same moment, Rod’s unwavering voice cracked, and I realized my vision was actually affecting reality. Again Rod began the Savitri poem, rattling off mantras that felt like thunderbolts from the sky. Again I translated the words in my trance and again I spoke to Sri Aurobindo, even more firmly this time,  “I am I,” and again Rods voice broke. I felt invincible. Time had ceased to exist. I felt absolutely no pain in my body and sat perfectly still. At some point Rod stopped reading and after awhile people started filing out of the room. Still in trance, I looked at the giant spirit of Sri Aurobindo and asked “what now?” His reply? “Be patient.” And that was all. I had cracked the code. I stood up to the great external deity and owned it all, the dark and the light, and it was one of the most invigorating and deepest moments of my life. I couldn’t go back to the immersion after that, it lasted a day or two more. I had gotten what I needed.

So I continue to do the translations – the yoga, and work on being patient. And that’s enough for now. Aaron.


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