Hollande Vows to ‘Destroy’ IS.

Okay, this is so obvious its not even funny. By vowing to destroy IS, Hollande is revealing that he is really vowing to destroy himself. I get it, Hollande, deep down I know that I am totally dependent on the fossil fuels and have been manipulating and murdering other people with my mindlessly aggressive and greedy behavior my whole life just like everyone else in my privileged western culture. I get why my subconscious would want to destroy me. Another way to go, rather than the continued self destruction, is to look at my shadow and learn to work with it therefore unifying myself rather than destroying myself. And the way I see my shadow is to do my Language Yoga Translations. I am the hypocritical politicians vowing to self-destruct. I the Syrian refugee. I the unmanned drone bombing innocent civilians, I the lover of Life and of  Death. I the complacent status-quo, drowning in my own psychosis. Merging all these parts of me into a unity that is the all me is my Yoga. One bit at a time, remembering myself, all of me.


3 thoughts on “Hollande Vows to ‘Destroy’ IS.

  1. lol..very typical of languageyoga…welcome back..and a great post too…”the subconscious trying to destroy itself”..awesome

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