Are you a Projection-a-holic?

My name is Aaron and I’m a recovering projection-a-holic. To heal myself, I’ve been changing my you’s and we’s into I’s and me’s now for over 2 years. My whole perspective of reality has shifted and I feel more confident, clear, and potent than ever. I want others to awaken their inner I’s and see the world from this new perspective. This simple switch in wording is the key to open up a new way of communicating, interacting, and living together. Try it for yourself and see…

Do you speak for the collective whole with blanket “we” statements? Do you talk about other people when they’re not there with you? Yep, that’s it, that’s the externalizing and separating language… the projections. The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem. I know I do. Even now that I’m conscious of it I still do it – I still project my baggage onto other people without looking at my own behavior. I am teaching myself to take ownership of my projections and to take control of that voice in my head. I change the externalizing words like “you” and “we” into “I” and “me.” When I see myself reflected back at me in this way, it’s like having a whole new perspective to explore and learn from. Owning projections is a great way to recover from projection-a-holism.

I am I



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