Pyramid Paradigm

The rich burgundy walls and plush chocolate-brown couches paired with the warm lighting and intimate setting make this Laura’s favorite coffee shop. From her spot on the couch behind the big glass windows, she looks out at the bustling city street, which is freshly coated in a layer of crisp white snow.

Jennifer arrives, orders her drink, and takes off her numerous winter layers. She then nestles into the couch alongside her best friend. The warm coffee shop is the perfect place to enjoy this cold wintry Saturday morning. Getting comfortable, Jennifer slips off her shoes and crosses her legs. She’s holding her cup of tea in her hands like it’s her personal heater. Once settled, she looks over at Laura and asks, “What’s up?”

Laura responds, “Do you mind if I rant for a few moments? I think I might blow if I don’t let off some steam.”

Jennifer smiles and says, “Absolutely, vent away Pele! I’m here to listen.”

Laura continues, “Ok, I was drawn to this book at the independent bookstore downtown and I bought it. It talks about the pyramid paradigm fractal that repeats throughout all levels of our reality. It has flipped my world inside out and now I see everything differently.

“Remember in sixth grade when we learned about the Great Pyramids in Egypt? I never forgot what Ms. Hoffman said about pyramids, how they were constructed to channel the energy of the mass up to the apex,” recalls Laura.

“Wow, you remember that lesson from sixth grade? I’m impressed,” Jennifer returns.

“I remember because it is important,” Laura explains. “The pyramid is the fractal for our entire reality.” Laura pulls out a dollar. “Here look, our fractional-reserve money system is all about the pyramid, check out the back of this dollar,” she says while handing Jennifer the bill.

Laura continues, “I learned that the wealth of our society is being channeled up to a banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. These crooks are robbing the public blind. We are playing Monopoly against the bankers who are printing the money. The entire system is rigged, and the odds are not exactly in our favor.

“Our food system is also shaped into this pyramid,” Laura adds. “The energy of the farmers and the people is channeled up to the tip where the cream is removed by the CEOs of multinational food corporations. What is returned to the public is nutrient-void, GMO-ridden, chemically-laden fluff that is wrapped up in pretty, petroleum-based plastic packaging. These pyramid food products are making both the people and the planet sick while the executives collect more and more profit.

“The pyramid paradigm is in our money, food, water, energy, jobs, families, law enforcement, and government. Everywhere I look I see this pyramid, it’s squishing the life out of our population, but we don’t do anything about it because we don’t know another way. It seems impossible to get out from under this pyramid paradigm.

“I feel anxiety all over my body and it feels like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown when I think about this all pervasive pyramid for too long. Do you think about this fractal at all? Does it scare you too?” Laura questions.

Jennifer takes a deep breath before responding. She says, “I hear that you are feeling scared, anxious, and trapped because to get your basic needs met you think you have to participate in a system which is perpetuating inequality.”

“That’s right,” agrees Laura. “The fractal is everywhere I look and I don’t want to participate, but I don’t see a different way.”

Jennifer replies, “I heard you call this pyramid a fractal, which to me means that it is a pattern occurring on all levels, including the level of the individual. With this knowledge, I think I would tackle this fractal by looking at how it exists within me.”

Laura looks confused. She finally says, “I’m not sure I know what you mean. Are you saying I have a power structure pyramid inside my body?”

Jennifer responds, “Exactly. Let me clarify. Can you think of any part of your body that you give all your energy to?”

Laura hesitates before answering. “Well, now that I think about it, there is this voice in my head that is pretty angry and aggressive,” she says. “He likes to tell me what to do and he berates me when I make a mistake. Plus he always calls me ‘you’ in my head. If my body has a CEO then this guy is definitely him.”

“Perfect!” Jennifer exclaims. “That is a great example. For me, I think the next step would be to own that this CEO voice is actually coming from me. I would try to see that this guy is a part of me, not outside of me. Does that make sense?”

Laura replies, “Yes, he talks from inside my head, so he must be a part of me.”

Jennifer insights, “It seems to me that by taking control of this voice inside, I can begin to take control of the pyramid paradigm that makes me feel trapped.”

Laura asks, “How do I do that?”

“What I do is translate my voice,” Jennifer explains. “When the voice in my head talks down to me, I change the pronouns. I swap out ‘you’ for ‘I.’ Doing so allows me to own whatever that part of me is trying to say. By owning what the voice inside is saying, I can change the energy of my internal environment.”

“I’m still not quite sure I get it,” Laura responds. “How can I shift the larger pyramids, like the Federal Reserve and the food system, by taking control of the CEO in my own head?”

“Think about it,” Jennifer returns. “By owning the ‘you’ voice, I can step out of being a victim. This ‘you’ voice is manipulating me through my subconscious patterns. Once I break this fractal pattern of control, I become the master of my own life. Once I’m in charge of myself, I no longer fall into the victim role in my world. I am no longer a victim to the person at the apex of the pyramid because that person is me!” Jennifer concludes.

“Oh really?” Laura asks with a smile. “Now I’m not only the CEO in my head, but also the head of the banking cartel and the food corporations?”

“Sure, why not?” Jennifer reflects. “It’s all a fractal, right? The pattern repeats over and over again so when I am the one in control at the nucleus of the fractal, I remain in that position as the pattern expands.”

Laura remarks, “So doing these translations is basically like learning how to be the boss of my own reality. Awesome! I feel empowered already, like I can take on the world.”

“I’m glad you feel empowered Laura,” Jennifer replies. “Just let me say that for me, the key to taking on the world is to take on myself. The

fractal can only shift from the level of the individual, which is harder work than I ever imagined it would be. I too am in the process of shifting my subconscious mind and it’s some of the most challenging work of my life.”

Jennifer continues, “Instead of a CEO in my head, I hear the voice of my nagging mother. She is constantly pointing out my flaws and questioning my decisions. I’m working to take ownership of this internal mother voice, but I have to tell you, she is one tenacious broad. Every time I think I have come into total ownership, she slips into my internal sound system and starts up with her negative narrative. Translating my mother’s monologues is a full time job, but with every hour I log, I get a little stronger.”

Laura smiles, saying, “Well it makes me feel relieved to know that I’m not the only one with a fractured psyche that speaks in ‘you’ language. I see that I have some work ahead of me, but at least I’m not alone. Do you have any tips?”

Jennifer nods and says, “Meditation is the best thing that I have found for calming my mind chatter down. When the flow of my chatter slows, it is easier for me to translate it.

“I also like writing down my mental rants, jealousy, and advice. Then I translate my words from there, which is usually pretty insightful. When I reveal my subconscious mind in this way, I can begin to see all the screwed up things going on up there and start to work on shifting the patterns,” Jennifer relays.

“I bet my rants would be interesting to translate,” Laura confides.” They are all about the external world. I’m starting to see how by focusing externally on the problem instead of facing myself, I am helping perpetuate the very system that I’m frustrated with.”

Jennifer reflects back, “I too came to realize how I am the nucleus of the problems that I see in the world around me, which is a difficult truth to acknowledge. However, the beauty is by owning that I’m the problem, I also see that I’m the solution.

“Okay, Laura,” Jennifer says, “Now that you have this altered perspective, do you have any new insights into solutions to the pyramid paradigm?”

“It’s interesting you should ask that,” Laura answers. “When you were talking about being the nucleus of the problem, I started thinking of circles. What if instead of a pyramid, I become a circle. When I’m in the center of my own circle, the choices I make are the spokes which spiral out around me. Does that make sense?”

“Absolutely,” Jennifer confirms. “I think shifting the shape of our society from a pyramid into a circular wheel makes total sense. Pyramids are powerful shapes for channeling energy to the upper one percent, but they aren’t exactly designed for movement.”

“Exactly!” Laura exclaims. “Circles are designed to move…to support revolution. The wheel is the perfect shape to shift our society into. By putting myself in the middle of my circular reality, I take control and move in a direction that is more in alignment with my truth.”

Walking home from the coffee shop later that morning, Laura feels energized. No longer trapped under the pyramid of the old paradigm, she is once again in control of her own life.

From I’m Calling Myself Out


2 thoughts on “Pyramid Paradigm

  1. This is interesting. I like the approach you adopted in telling your story, and I as well like how you conveyed the importance of converting externalised object pronouns to internalised subject pronouns. Thanks for sharing.

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