The Machine

We are rapidly moving forward. The conglomeration of our metal pieces and moving parts that make our societal machine mobile are beginning to squeak under the strain of our swift stride. Rusty from rain and neglect, our machine grinds on, the momentum of our collective mass works to increase our speed.

You are a metal nut who is twisted around a bolt in our manically wound machine. For the last decade you have been scheming to unscrew yourself.

You see the mindless machine called modern mankind is recklessly racing forward, rapidly approaching the edge of a steep cliff. You picture yourself being able to become free from the tangled metal mess. You visualize twisting free and falling onto a soft grassy knoll mere moments before our collective machine stumbles off the cliff edge, plunging into the dark waters below.

Vivid visualizations of your separation end with you lying in the middle of a grassy field. Whew! You made it! You watch the machine of our society crash down into the abyss… now what?

The reality is that you would be little to no good to yourself or anyone else if this fantasy came to fruition. You would be a nut rusting alone amongst long blades of grass. Isolated from the rest of our machine, you would be immobile. You were created to screw onto the end of a bolt; your purpose is to create stability and strength, to hold the pieces together.

So you remain merged with our squeaky societal machine, holding the bolts of our rusting paradigm in place. Your fate seems sealed; succumbing to your situation, you surrender.

In your surrender, you understand that the entire machine is made up of little parts just like you. You wonder which one of these parts holds the consciousness driving the machine. Then it strikes you. You have consciousness, you are actively thinking. Consciousness comes from you, so therefore, are you the one running the machine?

You take control of our societal machine when you occupy the position of control within your own life.

Now you’re occupying our machine’s consciousness, scrutinizing every decision, but our machine body is not listening; it’s making decisions that are still destructive, decisions that your conscious mind doesn’t agree with. It seems as if there’s someone else many times more powerful than you operating the controls of the machine. Where is this powerful machine master hiding?

You search and search externally only to find that there is no mastermind after all. It’s your subconscious programming buried deep in your brain and body that is running the show.

You might be the one running our machine, but your subconscious mind is running you. You’re stuck in the habitual tendencies that are operating at a level just beyond your conscious awareness. This inability to master your subconscious patterning brings up feelings of paralysis. You feel like you’re a victim to our machine and you don’t know how to switch out of your autopilot life.

There must be a switch that you can flick to shut off your subconscious cruise control. You frantically search for the button. You’re finally ready to regain sovereignty of your personal and societal machine, you just don’t know how you’re going to do it.


2 thoughts on “The Machine

  1. Its such tough job striking a balance with the real and the virtual. Really missed you guys, Good to have you back,

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