Language Yoga – Shield and Sword : A Poem

love I

Physically Creating a Higher Vibrational Space

shield and swordA shield
Creates an effective boundary
A form of self protection
It is it’s own torus field
Torus shield

A sword
Penetrates a boundary
Merging through another
Another object
Another breathing
Another being

Using a sword
A delicate dance
Sometimes tragic
But beautiful
Sometimes solely used as an expression of art
Sometimes solely used to create endings
Which lead to new beginnings

Using a shield
One balances movement With containment

Using a sword
One balances beauty With death
Or life?

Fractals within

Merging with
Becoming my own whole Being

When I use the sword
To merge with my surroundings
I am delicate
Like a paintbrush
Like a ninja
Or Tibetan monk
Using chopsticks
To capture that fly
Ultimate grace
Like the mantis
Who sits in stillness
Feeling for just the right time
To strike

When I use my shield
To protect
Through generating
Love and appreciation
For myself

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