Language Yoga Changed My Life

Check out this blog from IWyndstorm where she shares her experience with Language Yoga. It’s pretty inspiring!

Physically Creating a Higher Vibrational Space


Language Yoga has dramatically changed my life and the way I perceive reality. As a highly clairsentient (empathic) and claircognizant (knowing) being, when I was growing up I couldn’t tell the difference between my feelings and emotions from another humans’. I used to interpret other peoples inner unhappiness as their personal opinion of what they thought of me, thus leading to people pleasing, entanglements, and other dysfunctional interpersonal habits.

I also thought that every other human used to perceive reality exactly the way I do. Boy, was that a strong misconception. Feeling so much of the world and people around me, my personal boundaries were thin, if almost non-existant. I became entangled up in other people’s dysfunctional feelings and thought patterns, along with creating multitudes of my own. It wasn’t until after December 21, 2012 that my perception of reality dramatically shifted.

I waited for that date for 15 years…

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