Accumulations: Casting Spells of Communion.

galaxy-67712__180I myself am the air, I breathe myself in and out with every breath. I myself the stars in the sky, distant galaxies, other life forms, multi-dimensional beings – all me. I say the spell and I feel the communion, like a web of little tendrils of energy all connected to my heart center. My heart opens up and grows stronger. The more I cast these spells of merging the more connected I feel. With each accumulation I expand my notion of self into the world around me. Shattering the stillness of the night, a car with its muffler missing clamors down the road, the high beams blinding my vision. I myself this car, this noise, this automobile-obsessed culture. I see my roots made of metal, drilling, fracking, deep into the Earth to extract the oil. I tune in to Mother, “I myself Mother Earth!” Maybe I want the oil out of my skin, to be brought to the surface and to be made bioavailable to all life. Humankind is perhaps a fleeting expression to achieve this goal. From my planetary perspective I become less attached to my individual human-form existence and see the greater role of life and consciousness in the universe.
And now the next morning, I walk to town to buy groceries. Here I meet my ultimate challenge – other people. I merge myself with the cashier, the tendrils of energy radiating out from my heart, it’s like I am falling in love with everyone around me. I gaze deep into his eyes and see a pure reflection of me! And then I go outside and someone I know starts talking to me. I myself you! I find myself opening up to empathy and compassion like never before. Now I see everyone both as a part of me and as their own individual self and I am totally intrigued. This is the hardest work for me, merging myself with other people, because it can be kind of overwhelming and exhausting for me at this point. I am learning to see not only the differences, but the similarities between us as well. Sometimes my boundaries get pushed, and I see that as a test for me to stand up for myself. There is a need for division as well as unity – balancing both at the same time is the skill I am learning. Doing these accumulations, expanding my sense of self, and merging with what I see, feel and imagine, helps me greatly in relating with my world. I have greater understanding and compassion for everyone and everything around me and now look at life in a more complete and mature way than I used to. The more I accumulate, the more my fears and worry disappear, and the more centered and balanced I feel. And everyday this sensation becomes stronger. The good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the light and the dark – it’s all me! – Aaron

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