Setting Sail

sailboatIt has been important for me to write my thoughts down about what I have learned so far on my path, to reveal my truth to my world, to question collective beliefs, and to see how people like you responded. Mission accomplished! Now I am moving beyond intellectualizing about philosophy and spirituality by putting my truth to the test. I have gained much knowledge on how to proceed. Thank you for your help. As this wave crashes another is building.

The hidden truth that language yoga reveals works again and again, it continues to amaze me more and more everyday. I cannot convince anyone of anything, but I know that if something works, then it works. Like the explorer who dared to sail off the edge of the once flat Earth, few people believed the world was round until someone sailed past the horizon and came back with knowledge of a new world. My mission now is to sail off into the unknown using my language yoga tool as my vessel.

You and I can sit on the shore and talk about which beliefs are right and which are wrong, but talking doesn’t prove anything. Belief turns into knowledge only when tested by experience and put into practice. So I am readying my ship to set sail into the unknown. I have faith in myself and have tested my faith by rubbing against other people’s fundamental beliefs to see if my idea still holds true. And it does. In fact, my resolve has only become stronger and my mission clearer. I see the edge of the world and I know through my own intuition what lies beyond the horizon. Now it is time to put my truth to the test and to sail beyond the safe confines of the harbor. What will await me out there? What treasures will I find? What wisdom will I bring back? Only time will tell.

I have written down nearly everything I have accumulated so far on my mission. I am questioning limiting thought constructs just like those courageous explorers who questioned that the Earth was flat. By going beyond my limiting beliefs I am charting new territory. To those brave souls who are willing to join me – thank you, it’s time to fly! And to those who will stay on the shores of the old world but who are curious as to what will become of me – wish me luck!

I will continue to check in with my beloved writers on my reader – you have taught me so much and I am forever grateful. And who knows what I will write about in the future as this transformation unfolds? Truly I have limitless possibilities. Take care and know that I love I. With balance!


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3 thoughts on “Setting Sail

  1. I miss you guys..I miss opening my email and seeing your articles, I miss everything. Would I be hearing from you (Aaron and Sarah) soon?

    • Profs! You’re so sweet thanks for your kind words. Aaron and I have been taking a bit of a break from wordpress lately to go out and apply Language Yoga outside of the virtual world. However that said, I have had some new ideas flowing in that I would like to write about though, so more articles will be coming soon… Much love, Sarah

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