Message From Ayin-I: Greetings My Dear Beloved Self.

infinityGreetings my dear beloved self,

I have so much love for myself. I have given myself the tools I require to remove myself from the mire. I have given myself everything I have to give so that I can rescue myself. I will have to climb out myself if I want to be free.

The world out there is a reflection of the world within. When the inner mind becomes pure, the outer world will follow. The language I use is the key to unlock my freedom. The way I talk to myself is an expression of my inner self. When I see entities out there who are in a place of power and control, I am now aware that those entities exist within my own psyche.

I am afraid of the shadow governments and wealthy elite who control the external world. What I am revealing is that I am not in control of myself. The shadow governments are a manifestation of my own hidden shadow self. The wealthy elite represent the domination of the logical mind, the ego, the inner voice that calls me ‘you.’ When I do not face my own psychological shadow then I allow myself to be controlled by it. This shadow is then projected out onto the physical world.

When I let my brain run the show instead of my heart, I create space for the wealthy elite to run the show externally.

When I call myself ‘you’ in my own head, I become the supporting actor of my own reality. Who then has the lead role of my own show? The door is open for any entity to come in and take the lead.

When I choose to take control of my inner voice by calling myself ‘I’ rather than ‘you,’ the process of transformation begins in earnest. This process of transformation is both instantaneous as well as drawn out as new insights reveal themselves over time. At first the internal entities will kick and scream, but with determination and perseverance, these entities will find they no longer are supported in me and will depart. Then I will be free to live in the realm of liberation and unity.

I will repeat to myself. The language I speak, both externally and in my own head, is the key to unlocking my door to freedom. My language is both powerful and essential. A status-quo culture uses a rigid language. A dynamic culture uses a dynamic language. The individual is the one who chooses what language to speak and therefore what culture to manifest. When I learn to play with my language I will create an external culture of playtime. Yes, dear self, come and play with me. With unending love. – Ayin I


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