Meeting the Enemy: Breakdown of This Week’s Language Yoga Challenge.

This week’s Language Yoga Challenge is a potent one. The translations are subtle and so very revealing. There is so much hidden behind these words! Want to see how the translation tool works? Let me show you how I do it.

The quote to translate is: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Let me start with “we.” What does “we” represent? In its simplest form, “we” stands for you and me. In this quote, the “you” aspect of the word “we” is used in reaching out to all of mankind, anyone who agrees with me. It feels good to be part of the “we,” like I belong to something greater than me. But what if I don’t agree with the we? Division is born, which I’ll explain more in the next paragraph. For now, let me examine the other aspect of we, the root of the we, namely me. “We” always must include “me,” so by replacing “we” with “me” I haven’t really changed anything at all. If we have done something, surely this we includes me, right? Can I own the part of the we that is me? I can own the me part of we, and when I do the quote is simplified to, “I have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Now I will examine the word “us.” “Us” is like “we,” it includes a me and others. The quote is basically saying that the enemy is us. This is interesting and true because if there is an us, then there is also a them, as in us vs them. So if I think they are the enemy, and then I put myself in their shoes, I see that we are also their enemy. So saying the enemy is us is a very true statement. Just like the word “we,” using the word “us” perpetuates division because an us implies a them. Again, “us” includes a “me,” so to simplify and take ownership, I replace “us” with “me,” revealing: “I have found the enemy and he is me.” Nothing new is being stated here. The “we” and “us” already include the “me,” and the point of using this translation tool is to own my side of the problem first before projecting onto others using externalizing pronouns such as us and we.

Next I will examine the pronoun “he,” another externalizing pronoun. The enemy is he, why not she? The “he” represents mankind and is a symptom of my duality saturated, male dominated patriarchal society. Why need a gender at all? This gender imbalance is certainly an enemy, the enemy truly is “he.” To clarify, I replace “he” with “the enemy” to reveal, “I have met the enemy, and the enemy is me.”

The point of this exercise reveals that I am the enemy. Whose enemy? Your enemy, their enemy? What about at the root, am I my own enemy? I am my own enemy because I am responsible for controlling myself, and when I lose balance, I hurt myself. I say hurtful things and cave in to my desires and feel guilt and shame. I react and become emotionally triggered. There are many ways in which I am my own enemy. Also I project my imbalance without owning what I’m saying, which is the point of doing this exercise, to own myself so that my projections are not hurting me or others. By owning that I myself am the enemy, I stop projecting my enemy self onto others with my externalizations, I take control of myself and change my behavior, then I become my own friend. I may be the enemy, but first off I am my own enemy, and I replace the generalized “the” with “my.” The phrase now says, “I have met my enemy, and my enemy is me.”

Here’s the final step. Now that I’ve owned that I am my own enemy, I can substitute “me” for “my enemy.” This is the moment of realization, that it’s all me. Owning my shadow and shifting my behavior allows me to come into self-control, self-ownership and self-healing. Using this translation tool allows me to merge myself with my words of externalization, therefore I literally meet myself with every phrase I translate. This is my enlightenment, using my words to reveal my hidden self and to take responsibility for this part of me. So here goes, I substitute “my enemy” with “me” to reveal, “I have met myself, and I am me.” Wow! This is a very potent mantra for me. All the projection has been owned and unified. My translation tool is like a lens to view the hidden aspects of my psyche buried in my subconscious. “I have met myself, and I am me.” These words are so true and so beautiful to me!

In conclusion, words like “we” and “us” perpetuate violence and division because those not included in the “we” become a “them” creating an “us vs them” mentality. To overcome this polarity, I see that both sides are me. When both sides are me, the only enemy I have is myself. By using the Language Yoga translation tool to see how I am my own enemy (in this case by projecting my own internal division onto my world using dividing and externalizing pronouns), I can learn what behavior to shift in order to become my own friend. Again and again I change my behavior by translating my words in order to see my hidden self and to “meet myself” through my words of ownership. “I have met myself, and I am me.”

I wrote a whole article on the translation of just one sentence, just think of what secrets lay waiting to be discovered in a single blog post. Are you ready to look into your own subconscious and take ownership for what you see? I am and that is exactly what I am doing, and I have never felt more confident, healthy and connected to my self and my world than I do now. Language and culture go hand in hand. What kind of culture do you want to create? The key is in the words. Much love!



18 thoughts on “Meeting the Enemy: Breakdown of This Week’s Language Yoga Challenge.

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  2. The key is maybe in no words…- as language is
    spawned and invariably conditioned by division.

    Could we think without language?


    What if language and violence go hand in hand?…

    • These are very relevant points and questions, Julien. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I find that words are powerful and it is important to me to bring mindfulness to the words I use. I think division is okay as long as there is an understanding of interconnectedness and unity as well, which is what I am playing with by using this tool. Yes, I can think without language, I can communicate without words, I do it all the time and it feels amazing! Doing these translations, or substitutions, really helps me to come into that place of feeling and thinking without words, and that is why my passion is to share this tool. Thank you for engaging with me on this topic, I really do learn so much from these interactions with you-I. -Aaron

      • True dialogue brings benefit to the ones honestly involved in self-knowledge. I value too the interaction with you.

        A thought for now:

        It is a tricky business: words as yesterday experience, which empwer the idea of ourselves as memory….

        Can I be “mindful” as long as I am caught in self-reiterating remembrance of myself?…

        Am I mindful as long as I see myself as the outcome of experience?

        Truth be told, I’ d rather be totally “mind”-less. That is, Julien-less. :))

        Only Non Mind is “mindful”…Only non mind heals.

        The end of me as experience, is the beginning of my true Now…

      • Julien, I think you and I are reaching the same conclusion. “Only non mind is mindful,” yes, exactly! The all me and the no me are the same. everything is nothing, fullness is emptiness.

        This tool allows me to redefine myself as “what is” in every moment so that I am not caught in past remembrance. I am using my words to set myself free by seeing that I am not an outcome of experience, but am experience itself. I am my eternal now. Thank you for helping me find clarity. – Aaron

      • Julien, Thank you for sharing your personal perspective. You say there is no method…Do you “know” this to be true? Well, take your own advice and renounce the known! I am doing something totally new and unique, and my technique works for me and a few brave others. You talk again and again about why this tool shouldn’t work, but have you actually tried to use it? Or do your preconceived notions prevent you from doing so? -Aaron

      • We all want to be someone, don´t we?…To be unique and brave. To be credited and validated for our endeavour…For our effort.

        I for one have no such expectations. Thus I neither claim to “know” anything. I am not trying to impose anything, after all.

        I am solely interested to inquire. To examine in-depth.

        Method entails a center. That is, a gain: the “I” looking for security. And where there is security searching, there is automatically fear.

        Fear: idea trying to defend itself, creating ultimatlly violence.

        It is thus quite logical that whatever method leads inevitably to something already “known”. The same old conditioning in another guise…It is quite evident, isn´t it?

        We can have a preconceived notion as long as we want to defend a point of view.

        So I have nothing to defend. Not even a point of view…;)

      • Doing and undoing, defining and undefining, learning and unlearning, center and no center, fear and courage, projection and owning, clear and cloudy, its all me and its all no me. I transcend duality by merging the opposite pairs and forming something new. Are you favoring one side over the other? – Aaron

      • If duality was no object, was there anything to transcend?…

        Whatever is being merged out of opposite pairs, is simply another conflict. Another deception.

        The marriage between a delusion and a truth, spawns a halv truth…

        As long as we are caught in duality, we simply cannot figure it out what “new” is.

        The New has no memory.

        So in that sense I am in favor of One side over no side 😀

    • “1) As language is spawned and invariably conditioned by division… 2) Could we think without language? …3) What if language and ( violence) enmity go hand in hand.” Thanks Julien, I am loving this! Ok, so now…

      I read the entire discourse between Aaron and you, Julien, and am feeling called to expand upon this notion.

      1)Language can be perceived as conditioned by division, or perhaps could it be perceived as difference prompting creativity? I, an entity existing in human form, fully endowed with the power of thought and vocal speech, like the Creator ItSelf, wake up everyday in his holographic matrix called Earth. I, spirit inbodied, create with my thought, the thoughts that emanate from the core essence of my being, throughout time. Now, whether, this is Creator’s thoughts or my own essence’s, I do not know, but then again, what’s the difference?

      2) Of course we could all, as humans, think without language, and it would probably consist purely of energy, feelings, and images. I feel we humans have communicated in this way before, and can think in this way again. It would probably be a lot more efficient, with less communication issues 😉

      3) last part…. Enmity – pearls are created through incessant friction. Creation is messy. Before something becomes beautiful, becomes a work of art, what once existed before is usually destroyed. When I look at the bloodshed in the Middle East, it’s horrific. I think to myself, WTF? What good can come from this? My small self just shuddered in horror. In this state, I do not have an answer.

      Life is always in constant expansion and creation for Creator Essence to experience itself through each individual inbodyment. Perhaps enmity/ hostility stems not from language, but from Essence itself? Perhaps enmity stems not from the mind, but from the heart? What if enmity only comes into existence to create the necessary friction to stimulate new thoughts, new creations?

      I, as pure Essence, have all of eternity to experience mindlessness. But for now, while in body, I am here to experience creation. To each thy own …. In love. 😉

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