Sarah’s Comments: This passage is in alignment with Language Yoga because it discusses the light and dark aspects of self which are sometimes hidden. It reveals a path to awakening a deeper knowledge of these aspects and coming into balance within. Immersion in nature, the Great Mother, provides deep insight into the true nature of my soul. Thanks for this great post Hocuspocus13!


I have parts of myself I still don’t seem to understand

Sometimes I’m the pure angel from above

And other times I’m the monster hiding in the woods

Those thoughts leave me smiling to myself

Let’s step deeper into the woods and see what we can find…

I know I’m never alone in the woods

The spirits still watch guard

Hulls of the trees are twisted with secrets to be unveiled

Birds sing messages

Each crunch of a leaf guides my way

I walk in the middle of the night carrying a lantern to see the magickal things happen210002

They think me to be a bit mad…so let them

Witching hour comes when magick is most powerful and black magick is most effective

I’m in the woods some may never come back from lost in the beauty and mystery

I stay true to my own needs and that of nature

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