Become Your Own Guru.


Taking care of yourself first is the most effective way to help others. When I put others before me, I just end up projecting my own problems onto them, and projecting my own problems is some the most selfish behavior of all. Did you know that projections are a symptom of psychosis? Personally, I want to heal my psychosis, how about you? The Language Yoga Translation Tool is used to reveal subconscious projections that create division and cause harm. Once I reveal my projections, I can own what I am saying and change my behavior accordingly. Using the translation tool is like me putting on my oxygen mask first before helping others. Rather than telling you what to do, I become my own guru, share the translation tool with you (here ya go!), and let you become your own guru. In other words, everyone has their own unique path up the mountain of life (I know I do!). The Language Yoga Translation Tool is analogous to crampons and an ice axe, used to greatly assist in the climbing, and for self-rescue when the climber slips and falls. Join me in using this tool and ending the mass psychosis plaguing our current culture. Learn more by reading An Introduction to Language yoga (pdf). Thank you-I!


Questions, comments, concerns? I would love to hear about it. Leave a message below and get the conversation rolling.


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