I Am Identical to Myself.


I uncovered the phrase, “I’ve become identical with myself again,” while working on this week’s Language Yoga Challenge. To me, this is the ultimate message of unity, that “I am identical to myself.”

I am amazed at how these translations flip my perception of my world from divided to unified, again and again. There is such an abundance of material for me to translate, it is everywhere. I find myself in a wonderland of new meaning simply by scrolling through the posts in my reader.

This is my passion. All I want is to share this message with you. All I want is for you to use this tool on all these words, thoughts, judgments, projections and concepts so that you, too, see your world through the lens of unity, the lens of your own “me,” or as the Rastas say, the lens of “I&I.”

But this is all a projection. Truly it is all me, so I’m saying you will understand this message when I finally understand myself. I’m working on it. I say my mantra again and again in my head, “I am identical to myself,” while walking through the forest, while talking with a friend in town, in meditation, in my daily work—I experience the meaning, live it, breathe myself in and out of my body, and as I do, the lines of separation melt away…



5 thoughts on “I Am Identical to Myself.

  1. Hello Aaron – There is a key phrase in my metaphysical studies: “I alone am” – when contemplating it I come into an exploration of what the symbol “I” points to, or is a clue to. It sometimes reminds me of the games we used to play as kids hiding messages in the bark of trees or in bushes or under rocks and each message lead to another one, all leading to the “treasure”. In this way such written patterns or spoken vibrations such as “I” or “me” – also “self” or “no-self” (good to see you Julien!) for me prove to be clues leading me further and further into an understanding that is, of course, beyond (or before) words. Yes, the practice of substituting “me” or “myself” or “I” for the conventional symbols or consensus reality such as “the other” etc. etc. can jog our mind free from habitual thought patterns and patterns of perception that have become based in fragmented and distracted thinking – they can, in my experience, assist us to begin perceiving the underlying unity of all manifestation. Glad to be on this journey together with you!

    with love – tomas

    • tomas, thank you for the encouraging words! I think you have a really wonderful writing style and I am learning a lot from your insights. Yes, I too am very glad to be on this journey together with you! Much love – Aaron

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