I Myself Fire

My alarm is set, my legs crossed, my back straight. With eyes slightly open, I gaze directly at the fire burning in front of me. I peer through the freshly cleaned glass window of my wood-burning stove, taking in the dance of the flames and the flicker of the glowing embers. I am not so different from this fire. My body is carbon-based, just like the wood which fuels the flames. I too convert matter into heat.

The radiant heat of the fire warms my skin. I feel my face becoming flushed. While staring into the luminous coals I begin to experience a strange sensation, as if I’m staring into myself. The red and orange tissue of my body comes to life, flaring up with each inhalation of my breath. I’m stoking the flames of my flesh.

The lines between my body and the fire begin to blur, as if the previously solid form of my frame is breaking down like a piece of wood. The eternal flame that burns within can no longer be controlled. I ignite and begin to dance a wild and erratic dance, twisting and turning I light up the night.

I am the fire. The fire is me. Any separation dissolves into divine union.

I myself fire!

By Sarah


8 thoughts on “I Myself Fire

  1. “I ignite and begin to dance a wild and erratic dance” – love this.

    Don´t know if you care for so-called classical music. Reading this post I came to think of Alexander Scriabin´s The Poem of Extasy and Prometheus – the poem of fire.

    You may want to check it 😉

    • Thanks profsdiary! This one came to me during a Language Yoga meditation, one of the three modalities of this concept (translations, mental accumulations, meditation). I have found that if I meditate with an object long enough the lines that divide us eventually disappear and I experience a merging with the object. It feels amazing, I highly encourage it! Bless I

  2. I particular like the idea of merging with an object through meditation. What I would like to know is if humans could suffice as an object, for I would have a desperate need to explore that line of meditation. And if indeed humans could suffice,what kind of meditation would you recommend?. Thanks

    • Hey Profs, I’m so sorry, I just came across your comment (about a month late). Aaron and I share this blog, so sometimes I don’t get notified when someone makes a comment, we need to work on our communication.

      In answer to your question, I think merging with other people through meditation is definitely possible, and powerful. What I do is start out my meditation thinking about the person logically. What are some ways that I’m connected? For example we’re both made out of the same elements and compounds. We both experience the same emotions. We’re both human beings residing on this planet at this time…

      Next I try to feel what that person is feeling. What do I know about this person and where they are at? What they are going through right now? Can I feel what it would be like to be this person in these circumstances? Can I relate with their situation and feelings? From there I try to actually feel the emotions I think they are experiencing.

      Finally I try to let thoughts go and simply focus intently on the other person. I work on getting a vision of them on my head and I put all my intention and attention on that person. This part takes some time and practice, but eventually I begin to feel the lines that divide us start to dissolve. When I come out of meditation, I usually feel a heightened sensitivity to the person. I have a deeper knowledge of them and empathy flows more naturally.

      Does that make sense? Are there any other questions I can answer?

      I promise I’ll be more prompt!

  3. Your answers came in time, right on time for my desperation. However I must admit, the meditation process is indeed not easy but I will explore that line. Thanks sarah.

    • You’re right, it isn’t easy to merge with other people, it’s maybe some of the most challenging work I’ve done, but it’s so rewarding when I can experience deep empathy for another. Best of luck, let me know if I can provide any additional help. Thanks Profs.

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