I Myself Devil

Hey Guys, I’m reblogging this one because I’ve added our video on the subject…check it out!

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New!! – Check out the Video!

The Tao teaches that within everyone and everything there is light and dark. Instead of coming to terms with this intrinsic duality, my modern culture tends to habitually highlight the light aspects of consciousness while suppressing the dark side, which is stuffed in the shadow. The celebration of love and light, the sun, the saint, God, good, and happiness manifests in the opposing effort of stamping out hate and darkness, the night, the sinner, the Devil, evil, and suffering.

Having light without darkness is like asking for day without night. Day and night, light and dark, good and evil, are all integral parts of this existence. One cannot have one without the other. The only way to deal with this phenomena of polarity in a healthy way is to transcend these pairs of opposites by embracing both the light and dark sides of myself…

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2 thoughts on “I Myself Devil

  1. Congratulations Melissa, this is Marvelous! I just share the vid on tsu, my new social media platform that I moved to rather than continue with FB. Come visit me there or friend me there. https://www.tsu.co/aliachandler
    The video version of this is even more powerful than the text version. It helps people get a visceral sense of how to use the information. Thank you for assisting us with this critical process of integrating and balancing (reconciling) our darkness with our lightness. Many blessings, Alia

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