Simultaneously Speaking: The Language of Unity.


Words. So many words. Words to describe anything and everything. Bridging the gap between experience and thought are words. Words are used to differentiate, to define, to break the underlying unity apart into separate, recognizable features. The question is, can words be used to express the underlying unity connecting all things? You bet.

The language of unity works with, and more precisely, on, the language of division, using the words already spoken, thought, and written. Anything divided can again be unified. The hardware of unity is built into our language, it’s a matter of translating words of division into words of unity.

The phrase, “Everything is connected,” is an expression that attempts to bring unity to a divided world. If everything is connected, then certainly, without a doubt, I am connected with myself. That much is obvious, assumed, fundamental, right? Or is it? Ask yourself, “Am I connected with myself?” And if not, then how can everything be connected if I’m not even connected with myself? Am I in tune with my intuition? Do I know myself completely, both my light and my darkness? I must own these things, own myself, before I can make sweeping statements about “everything.”

Once I own that “I myself am connected to myself,” then I can move on and expand my definition of self to include everything in the universe. The way I express this total unity is with the phrase, “It’s all me.” In other words, when I can say, “I am everything,” and fully believe it, fully understand it, then I can substitute the word “I” with “everything.” The words “am” and “is” are like linguistic equals signs. When I say “I am something,” then I am equating myself with that thing. When I understand that it’s all me, I am literally equating myself with the entire universe. This is what enlightenment truly means. Not only is “it all me,” but because I am everything, I am also “it,” so the phrase becomes, “I’m all me.” I’m all me. To me that’s the most beautiful thing a person can say.

Everything is connected as long as I am connected with myself and I am everything. “Everything is connected” translates into “I am connected” and I simultaneously know both these statements, the original and the translation, are true. Do you see how this language of unity and enlightenment works with, and on, the normal language of differentiation? Can you yourself say, and at the same time understand, “It’s all me?”

But how do I recognize you as separate from me? You are certainly separate from me because you and I have different bodies, different thoughts, different lives. Yes, true. I am both different and the same as you, and so I need two languages, acting side by side, simultaneously, to describe my current situation. When I talk, I use the normal, differentiating language. But in my head, I am merging every thing in my world with myself. And when I hear other people talk, or especially when I read other people’s words, I am translating and substituting in my head, both keeping myself separate and merging myself with the other using these words as the basis for my unity, my enlightenment, my own self-balance.

What if I would rather say that “It’s all you,” or “It’s all God?” I am still merging everything into a singularity, so that should still work as a unifying language, right? Not so fast. I don’t know about you, but most people I know are expressions of their own consciousness. I am the seed, the kernel, of my own fractal existence at the center of my own holographic universe. I can only merge things with me. I cannot merge things with you because I am not in your consciousness, only my own. The “you” that is “me” is only my perception of “you,” what I see through my own lens of me. So even though I am “you” and I am “God,” I am at the same time not you and not God, I am only my perception of what you are and what God is. So that’s the task, to own both sides of the coin, the unity and the division, at all times.

In conclusion, my language is very effective at differentiating, and understanding that it’s all me allows me to substitute these differentiating nouns and pronouns, these things, of my language into words that unify in the singularity of consciousness at the center of my universe, namely me. This substitution allows me to work with my regular old differentiating language in order to view my words through the lens of unity. Differentiation and unity simultaneously speaking within me.



15 thoughts on “Simultaneously Speaking: The Language of Unity.

    • Thank you Alia for your comment. This translation tool has been whomping me ever since coming into my consciousness and it has been difficult for me to articulate, so I’m glad it was clear to you! Thank you for that reflection. – Aaron

  1. “Perception” is the inevitable result of all our yesterdays, of our sorrows and failures, of our creeds, all in all, of our amort experience based on biased belief.

    Our name is Conditioning.

    So that being said, how can we trust our perception?…

    How can we thus trust language, since every word awakens a false projection? A mere image, based on a past experience?…

    Unity is not a sum of things. No mattter how subtle our wording, Unity cannot be inferred linguistically, With our cognitive instruments, It cannot be wielded.

    If we are to know what Unity is, we have to have he guts to question and examine
    in-depth our warped perception, from which our Knowledge has arisen.

    As yet, we don´t have a metalanguage to convey the inconceivable.

    But if we have the courage to rid ourselves of and die to all concepts and perverted names, we might just as well hear this wondrous Music behind all music.

    • julienmatei, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I think I hear what you are saying. Let me paraphrase: Perception is based on my biased belief from my past experiences, my conditioning, and language is a projection of that biased belief, therefore my language is also biased. Also, unity is truly ineffable, indescribable, inconceivable. The true unity is beyond cognition and concepts, beyond words. Is that accurate? I think for me this translation tool uses my biased language to reveal false projections and allow me to reveal the truth, truth that is totally new to me and asks me to question my preconceived notions. This tool is like a bridge from language (concepts) to unity, but the bridge is not the destination. I still need the courage you speak of to cross the bridge and enter the realm of unity. Using my language as a mirror helps me in the process of building this courage by allowing me to face myself. Let me know what you think, your insight is very helpful to me. – Aaron

      • “I think I hear what you are saying.”

        Now…Do you think or do you truly hear?…

        Where there is thought, there is no genuine understanding. Incomplete understanding is incomplete action.

        Your grasping of my words is accurate. Or, partly accurate.

        I will get back.


      • Who is the inner authority who reveals the truth? Who is considering the preconceived notions?…Who is trying to straighten out things?

        There is no path leading to Unity…Unity is not a destination, not an aim, as it beyond projection, beyond choice… It simply cannot be found within the realm of duality: the seeker versus the found…

        The Mirror mirrors the mirrorless…

      • Yes! Pure poetry. I am Unity. I am Duality. So beautiful!

        “I am the inner authority who reveals my truth. I am considering my preconceived notions… I am trying to straighten myself out.

        There is no path leading to me…I am not a destination, not an aim, as I am beyond projection, beyond choice… I simply cannot be found within myself: my seeker self versus my found self…

        I mirror myself…”

      • Yes…now you´re on to something….

        Indeed…- poetry is a powerful tool to transcend logic and discursivity…

        The best action happens by itself first when we see the pervasive significance of doing nothing.

        Let´s simply step aside…allowing the Miracle of Unity to take care of Itself.

      • Translation: “Yes…now I’m on to myself….

        Indeed…- translations are a powerful tool to transcend myself…

        I happen by myself first when I see the pervasive significance of doing nothing.

        Let me simply step aside…allowing the Miracle of me to take care of myself. ”

      • Great.

        Non translations too – non interpretation, that is – are a powerful tool to transcend.

        If we both meet in complete non doing, Fear withers away…and where fear is absent, a true encounter takes place…”You” and “I” becoming the other 😉

  2. Let me use the translation tool and reveal the projection. You are telling me your perception is based on biased belief, your knowledge is based on warped perception, your thoughts are incomplete, your words are not genuine, and your unity can not be described through language. Question, julienmatei, do you truly hear yourself calling out to you through your own words?

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