I’m Calling Out the Divine Darkness!

The mess that the present world is in is a pretty good indicator that the thinking of those making the decisions has not been valid. It bears mentioning that politics, religion, as well as every industry in the world is currently being controlled by men. Clearly this system isn’t working, clearly it’s time for a change. It’s time for the women of the world to come into their divine power, to step up and help shift the trajectory of human civilization away from destruction and towards healing and regeneration. But this cannot happen if we keep collectively demonizing the darkness…the symbol of our own gender.

The only way to move forward is by stepping into balance, and balance is obtained through honoring and accepting both the dark and light aspects of the world and ourselves as sacred and necessary parts of life. This isn’t about men bashing, or even light bashing. Men are divine and so is light, I think we as a society have already established that. The problem is that the other side isn’t being honored. It’s being demonized and suppressed.

It seems pretty obvious to me that when I suppress the darkness within myself, I also suppress or oppress the darkness that exists outside of me. Hmmm….what are some dark societal aspects that are currently being oppressed? Women, dark skinned individuals, and Mother Nature! I firmly believe that this deeply rooted fear of the dark is perpetuating sexism, racism, and environmental degradation (some of the most pressing issues of our time). Light worshiping is manifesting in some pretty screwed up ways, but no one seems to be making this fundamental connection.

I want to gather the women of the world together and tell them, “Hey women! Can’t you see that by worshiping the light and suppressing the dark, you are perpetuating patriarchy? The darkness is divine! Darkness is the yin, the feminine. By worshiping the light only you are basically bowing down to white men…haven’t we done enough of that over the course of (his)story? Isn’t it time to start honoring our own gender for once?”

So here it is ladies. I’m calling you out. I’m calling out the women of the world. Please stop dark-bashing and step into the divine darkness that is your birthright. Please help me address these fundamental issues of inequality at the root. Yes…that means you will have to go into the darkness, but trust me the darkness isn’t what it’s been portrayed as (darkness is intuition, feminine power, Mother Nature, the moon…). The real evil comes from imbalance, and by shamelessly worshiping the light and suppressing the dark…you are perpetuating that imbalance.

It’s time to rise up and embrace the light and dark aspects of reality, it’s time to come into balance within each individual, so we can reinstate balance in our society and heal the fundamental inequalities which are dividing our population. Facing and embracing the darkness helps empower men’s feminine side as well. Once men and women can celebrate light and dark aspects of our nature, we will transition into a new era on Earth, one represented by balance and harmony, yin and yang.

In Light and Darkness,




4 thoughts on “I’m Calling Out the Divine Darkness!

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  2. Nothing more beautiful than a sleek black jaguar. The black Goddess Kali of India has eight arms: four hold weapons to destroy her enemies; four hold boons for her devotees. Great balance in both Kali and the Jaguar. Thank you for this one, Alia

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