mother maryOn this special day which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ I want to take a moment and celebrate Mary, the woman behind this man’s birth. Religion and spirituality tend to celebrate the masculine/light aspects of existence in the form of Jesus, God, father/son, light workers, light beings, spirit, and the sun…but what about the other side? What about the feminine? Jesus wouldn’t exist if he was not brought into this world by a woman…Mary.

The feminine/dark aspect has often been demonized throughout (his)tory, but I believe that light and dark are both vital parts of existence, and need to be celebrated equally. In the darkness is the divine feminine, mother/daughter, intuition, nature, and the moon…all important aspects of life on Earth.

I propose a shift of terms on this day of celebration, instead of honoring just the masculine side, in the form of Christ, I would like to see our culture also included the feminine side in the form of Mary. Lets switch out the traditional Merry for Mary in recognition for the great contribution that women have played in our human evolution.

So, today I want to wish everyone a Mary-Christmas, and a balanced New Year!




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