Black Hole Meditation

black hole meditationSitting in meditation the other night I thought to myself, “I Myself Black Hole.” I imagined being a massive black hole at the center of a galaxy, billions of stars orbiting around me, holding the whole galaxy together with my massive gravity. As I sat there channeling the energy of attraction, I had a moment of insight. In my vision I saw the entire universe as a forest with each galaxy representing a tree. All the visible matter such as the stars, planets, space dust, nebulae, and quasars, to name a few, were analogous to the branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit of the tree. The black hole (which I was currently inhabiting) appeared to me as the trunk of the tree. And that was all that I saw, but I knew something was missing. Can you guess what part of the tree I haven’t mentioned?

The roots! Where are the roots in the visible universe? Good question. When I walk through the forest I see the trees—the leaves, branches, fruits, flowers, and the trunk, and buried beneath the surface of the soil, in the cool, damp, dark Earth, are the roots. I don’t see the roots with my eyes, but I know they are there because I feel them with my intuition. I sense they are there because I know a healthy tree has healthy roots. So I see the universe, now where are the roots? I know they are out there somewhere…Is there a part of my universe that I can’t see? You bet.

I can’t see into a black hole! The black hole pulls in everything that surrounds it, even light. Asking what goes on inside a black hole is like asking what goes on in the trunk of a tree. So what goes on? A portal into another dimension? Exactly! Just as the trunk of the tree connects the underground (dark) with the above ground (light), the black hole connects the visible (light) universe with the hidden (dark) universe. Astrophysicists can’t see this dark universe, but they can feel it with their measurements—they call it “dark matter.” See what I’m saying? Dark matter is the roots of the universe, black holes are the portal between the visible and dark universe. Does that make sense?

And so it is with me, as well. I am like the tree and the galaxy and the universe, I have both light and dark aspects of myself. I make my light side (my ego) visible to my world and I hide my darkness (my shadow) in my subconscious. Like I said before, a healthy tree has healthy roots, so a healthy being has a healthy subconscious. The way I see what is in my subconscious is by translating my projections using the Language Yoga technique. When I am healthy, my projections are healthy, when I am sick, my projections are toxic. When I can look at and understand the darkness in my subconscious, this is when I, as the collective of humanity, will be able to see, or better yet, understand, the dark matter in the universe.

So in conclusion, I’m proposing that the universe around me is one big projection of myself, just like the forest and the trees. I have light and dark sides of my psyche called my ego and my subconscious connected by my consciousness in this very moment. The tree has roots in the darkness and branches in the light connected by the trunk. The universe has dark matter and visible matter connected by the black holes of each galaxy. Furthermore, my collective consciousness is going to struggle to understand dark matter until I have a solid handle on my own dark subconscious mind. Pretty interesting perspective, wouldn’t you agree?

How do you see the world? Do you see the roots of the trees? Is what you project healthy or toxic? Are you ready to look at your projections and own them? I am. Please join me in raising the bar of consciousness by learning the Language Yoga translation technique to reveal the subconscious mind and come into balance.

By Aaron


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