I Myself Jesus


This little jewel of a quote came to me via email last night from my friend Wyndstorm Sage. The timing was interesting as I had just finished writing the blog I Myself Devil. I owned my dark side yesterday, now it’s time to own the light….I Myself Jesus! Time to translate this projection and reveal what is hidden behind these motivational words.

The original quote from Joel Osteen, a preacher and Senior Pastor at Lakewood Church, as well as a televangelist, states, “Jesus didn’t come to start a religion. He came to have a relationship with you. He has a purpose and destiny for your life.” The Language Yoga Translation reveals, “I didn’t come to start a religion. I came to have a relationship with myself. I have a purpose and a destiny for my life.”

Let’s start with the word religion. Religion at its root means to re-join, unfortunately what comes up for me around this word is quite the opposite. For me it brings up ideas of spiritual hierarchy, corrupt middle men, power structures, money extortion, and most importantly, the externalization of my own divine essence onto God or Jesus…in other words, to me religion means separation. Through that lens, the statement, “I didn’t come to start a religion” is absolutely true. I’m not here to be a rung in the ladder of spiritual hierarchy, which is why owning my internal Jesus is so powerful. I step out of separation and into unity with my divine essence—the Jesus that resides within.

Everything that is suppressed into the shadow is expressed in the form of a projection. When I am projecting my own light onto Jesus or God, it shows that this light aspect of myself is residing in my shadow. See! My shadow isn’t all darkness, it also holds some powerful light. It makes sense that I would stash my God-self away in the shadow, it has become incredibly taboo in my culture to own my divinity. Well, what can I say? My job is to look at the taboos lurking in my shadow. Language Yoga works to call me out when I externalize my divinity onto a figure of light, it asks me to own that part of myself and embody my own divine essence.

The next part of the quote reveals that, “I came to have a relationship with myself.” Coming into relationship with myself is a crucial step in my development because unless I have a healthy relationship with myself, I am unable to relate with others or the environment in a healthy way. When I don’t have a healthy relationship with myself, I tend to project the issues I have going on within onto other people, lashing out at them for an aspect of myself that I dislike or worshiping them for aspects of myself that I do like. For me coming into a relationship with myself means acknowledging both my light and dark elements and finding peace with all parts of me.

Finally I want to look at the last part of the quote, “I have a purpose and a destiny for my life.” Yes! I have purpose and a destiny, and they come from “me” not “him.” By believing that something external to me (God or Jesus) is responsible for assigning me my purpose and destiny, I give away my power. I lose ownership of my own purpose, my own destiny. It’s time to take ownership and realize that my purpose and my destiny are determined by me, not something external to me.

So, there it is. Thanks Joel for sharing this powerful wisdom! Translating this quote has revealed that I’m not here to start a religion that separates me, rather I am here to re-join with my own divine essence. I’m here to have a relationship with both the light and dark aspects of myself. I have my own purpose and destiny for my life, by taking ownership of my purpose and destiny I empower myself and liberate myself from limiting constructs. By translating externalizations into ownership I reveal the wisdom and extract the meaning hidden within. Check out our website LanguageYoga.org for more information and examples of how to use this linguistic tool.


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