I Myself Devil


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The Tao teaches that within everyone and everything there is light and dark. Instead of coming to terms with this intrinsic duality, my modern culture tends to habitually highlight the light aspects of consciousness while suppressing the dark side, which is stuffed in the shadow. The celebration of love and light, the sun, the saint, God, good, and happiness manifests in the opposing effort of stamping out hate and darkness, the night, the sinner, the Devil, evil, and suffering.

Having light without darkness is like asking for day without night. Day and night, light and dark, good and evil, are all integral parts of this existence. One cannot have one without the other. The only way to deal with this phenomena of polarity in a healthy way is to transcend these pairs of opposites by embracing both the light and dark sides of myself. Otherwise I will just keep projecting the darkness that dwells within onto others.

Regardless of my preference, my darkness will find a way out, and it does so through projections. Essentially, when I cannot recognize the devil in myself, I project that aspect of myself onto other people, which is exactly what Melissa Francis is doing in this example. Elizabeth Warren is serving as the scapegoat for the darkness that is residing within Melissa. Politics and media are full of such projections and with an election on the distant horizon, these projections are sure to increase. It’s time to use Language Yoga to call out these externalized rants and reveal what is actually being said.

When I translate Melissa’s externalization, it reveals that she is saying, “I mean, without a question, I am the devil.” Melissa has revealed a fundamental truth—the devil resides within all of us. Now it’s up to me. Can I take ownership for what she has revealed?

Yes. I can acknowledge that within me resides a dark side, sometimes referred to as the devil. By owning my dark side, I take its power away, and I stop needing to project it onto other people. Here it goes, “I myself devil.” There I said it. I can also own that, just like Melissa Francis, there is a part of me that likes to scapegoat other people for my darkness within, “I myself Melissa Francis.” While I’m at it I might as well also own, “I myself Elizabeth Warren,” because I too have served as the scapegoat for other people’s projections. All of these aspects are part of me, recognizing this helps me to see both sides of the coin and release my judgment of myself and others.

Whew! That actually feels pretty good, I feel somehow empowered. Instead of hiding these aspects of myself I can now embrace them. Yes I have darkness within, yes this darkness is an important part of me, no it doesn’t make me a bad person, no it doesn’t mean that I will now turn around and do evil things. Actually quite the opposite. In my darkness I have found my intuition, my feminine power, my balance, and my responsibility to nature and other beings. This total ownership has not made me a bad person. It has made me whole.

Carl Jung once said that, “Modern man must rediscover a deeper source of his own spiritual life. To do this, he is obligated to struggle with evil, to confront his shadow, to integrate the devil. There is no other choice.”

It’s time for a spiritual revolution—one that embraces both sides of the pairs of opposites and comes into a holistic understanding of unity and balance. Time and time again, history proves that I cannot combat darkness by fighting it externally. No, I believe that the way into balance is to acknowledge and come to terms with both the light and dark aspects of myself and my world.

This is my spiritual revolution, transforming the externalizations of the world and owning what is revealed…both the light and dark. In Sanskrit yoga means “to join” or “to unite.” Language Yoga is a way to use language to join and unite myself with the light and dark aspects of my universe. It is a linguistic tool and spiritual practice which can transform my consciousness by allowing me to transcend duality.


10 thoughts on “I Myself Devil

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  2. Having light without darkness is like asking for a day without night.” I have been going through your blog to find what I can relate to, I think this is awesome.
    Its a very nice analysis you’ve got here.

  3. Profsdiary – I appreciate your time and interest in this blog and idea.

    I have been checking out your blog as well and am moved by your words and insights. They are clear and refreshing to me. I especially resonated with: That Emptiness, ‘that Void, That Exhaustantial Longing. Wow.

    If you want to delve deeper into the roots behind Language Yoga check out our paper which can be found at: http://www.languageyoga.org/#!about/aboutPage

  4. Beautiful, beautiful piece! Some call this process “including and transcending” and others call it “reconciliation of the opposites.” Whatever it is called the process is much the same — making peace and taking ownership of BOTH poles,before being able to come to balance in the center. This also gives me the “use” of each polarity as a tool, as needed, rather than being used (winding up at the effect of) the pole that I am trying to cover over with its opposite. New Year Blessings, Alia

    • Alia,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I enjoyed your insights and hearing that other people are also doing this work under different names. The process of coming into total ownership and transcending the pairs of opposites is exactly what Language Yoga is all about.

      I’m looking forward to delving deeper into your blog, I have a feeling there is lots of juicy material in there!


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