Language Yoga Official Grand Opening

It’s been a while since my last post, almost a whole year, in fact. But now I’m back and more inspired than ever to bring Language Yoga. So watch out, world, I’m ready to take ownership for all parts of me, and that means you!

So what’s been going on? First off, Sarah and I finished writing our first book entitled I’m Calling Myself Out! this spring. We self-published and printed 100 copies as well as hundreds of stickers. The book is well illustrated with Sarah’s beautiful and inspiring art work. The book is both a biographical account of how we came into Language Yoga consciousness combined with a series of fables that explain the roots of our revelation. We still have some copies left, so if you are interested in ordering one, contact us and we’ll send it your way!

The biggest news is that Sarah and I have found a place to land, a home. Now I can finally sink my roots deep into the Earth. We are setting up shop in Crestone, Colorado. After traveling extensively around the Western half of the US, Crestone has exactly what we are looking for in a place to live. So here we are! We’ve been testing the waters, so to speak, for the last several months and this is where we want to be to launch our movement. We lived outdoors, close to nature, for the summer and part of the fall and now we have found a warm space for the winter so we can continue our writing.

Since being inside, we have written a new paper really solidifying our idea. To be more precise, Sarah wrote it and I helped out with finding resources to back up our idea, and with the editing. The paper is called An Introduction to Language Yoga. Check it out and tell us what you think! Along with the paper, we have launched our new website at so that we can share our idea.

So this is the Official Grand Opening of Language Yoga! We have a flyer on the board at Elephant Cloud Market, our local organic food store, and are open for business (and stillness, lol).



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