Why Do I Call Myself “You”?


One night I couldn’t sleep so I got out of bed and stretched out on the floor for some meditation. My whole body was energized.  I felt happy and excited.  As I began my meditation, I noticed that my mind was racing. Just then a voice spoke in my head. It was the voice of my guru self – deep, calm, and serene. It was my voice of wisdom.  It said:

“Aaron, you need to breathe and relax.”

Ah, that was good advice. I emptied my mind and began a deep inhale, held it for a moment, then released and pushed my breath out as far as I could go and held that for a moment. My breath snapped back in and I repeated the process a few times. I started to feel clearer. I began to surrender to feeling and relaxing. My guru self popped back into my head and said:

“You are doing a good job, Aaron. Keep it up!”

I have to admit the encouragement felt good.

Suddenly, I noticed something that rocked me at the core of my being. Wait a minute! What was that? I cried out in disbelief –

“Why do I call myself ‘you’?”

This was a huge moment of recognition for me. I thought to myself how my guru self was me, too. It was me talking to me. I had always thought that this was some different person, wiser than me, giving me wisdom from some far off place of enlightenment. But why didn’t I see that it was me? It was like I didn’t want to own that part of me.

At that moment I made a pact with myself. I vowed to become mindful of how I talk to myself and to use my language to join the different parts of me that I called ‘you’. I translated my inner voice and I said to myself:

“I need to breathe and relax. I am doing a good job!”

I have to admit it felt really good to encourage myself!

I now translate my inner voice so that I join myself with myself. This is a true act of healing. I am now calling myself ‘I’!

For me, this technique is subtle but incredibly potent. It is simple, yet has been difficult for me to master. Retraining my mindless habits is often hard for me to want to do, but feels really good once I start making progress. It’s like a work-out or yoga, it takes discipline and drive to affect self-change. That’s why I call this technique I Language Yoga.

I would love for other people to give this technique a try. If you feel called to try I Language Yoga, I would love to hear any insights, concerns, questions or suggestions.

Thank you and bless!

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